The New York solar system is the largest and most populated in all of Sirius. This system features three planets, two being settled (the other an icy moon), eleven bases, four jump-gates, four jump-holes and five fields. There are five corporations as-well as four criminals. The system itself produces four commodities and orbits a medium-white Star.


Planet ManhattanEdit

Founded in the year 1 AS, Manhattan was the first human colony established in the Sirius Sector. Over the last eight centuries it has grown into a teeming world of 220 million people who live and work in a single city that covers the vast majority of the planet. Nearly the entire population is dedicated to the manifest destiny of the Liberty free market, and today Manhattan is the hub of a vast commercial network that stretches into almost every corner of Sirius. While “going to Manhattan” has become a commonly accepted phrase for leaving home to seek your fortune, the cost of living on Manhattan itself is extravagantly high. If a trend is new and exciting — and expensive — then it almost certainly originated here.

  • DIAMETER: 12,753 km
  • MASS: 5.98 x 10²4 kg
  • TERRAIN: Terrestrial
  • TEMPERATURE: -46°C to 43°C
  • ESCAPE VELOCITY: 11.27 km/s

For more detailed information about Planet Manhattan, please see Planet Manhattan.

Planet PittsburghEdit

Pittsburgh is covered by a single vast desert, broken only by large rocky outcroppings that have yet to be consumed by the sand. Without any ice asteroids in close proximity, the planet was not considered a good candidate for terraforming and remained sparsely populated until a full-scale mineral survey in 650 AS pinpointed deposits of Boron in the form of borax salts deep within the Corridera Plateau. A mining operation was established on the planet in 660 AS by Deep Space Engineering to exploit these deposits, and it is now the only raw material extraction facility within Liberty space.

  • DIAMETER: 6,485 km
  • MASS: 4.73 x 10²4 kg
  • TERRAIN: Desert
  • TEMPERATURE: -38°C to 69°C
  • ESCAPE VELOCITY: 9.04 km/s

For more detailed information about Planet Pittsburgh, please see Planet Pittsburgh.


An icy moon with no atmosphere and no resources worth developing. Deep Space Engineering — headquartered on Pittsburgh — will sometimes conduct field tests of new equipment on the planet.


  • DIAMETER: 5,228 km
  • MASS: 2.77 x 10²4 kg
  • TERRAIN: Ice
  • TEMPERATURE: -88°C to -46°C
  • ESCAPE VELOCITY: 4.11 km/s


Baltimore ShipyardEdit

Deep Space Engineering constructed the Baltimore Shipyard as part of its overall operations, but when not at full capacity it also builds prison ships and cruise liners for sale on special.

  • CLASS: Delaware
  • GRAVITY: Partial
  • DOCKING: Yes

For more detailed information about Baltimore Shipyard, please see Baltimore Shipyard.

Battleship MissouriEdit

The Battleship Missouri is the flagship of the Liberty Navy. The Missouri has state-of-the-art weaponry and is constructed around a unique triple-hulled design that incorporates integrated armour plating. The armour plating is specially manufactured in the Norfolk Shipyards for the Liberty Navy using a classified, proprietary process. The Missouri has not yet seen action in any major conflict, but its presence serves as both a warning and a reminder to those who visit the New York System of the indomitable Liberty spirit. Captain Wendi White currently commands the Missouri.

  • CLASS: Overlord

For more detailed information about Battleship Missouri, please see Battleship Missouri.

Buffalo BaseEdit

The primary Rogue base is Buffalo, deep within the confines of the Badlands of New York. Secondary bases are in the Whitney Asteroid Field in California, the Reppu Cloud in Galileo, the Corcovado in Cortez, and the Wrangell Field in Hudson. Rogues are frequent visitors to Junker and Lane Hacker bases.

  • CLASS: Leviathan
  • GRAVITY: Complete
  • DOCKING: Yes
  • AMENITIES: Limited
  • POPULATION: Unknown

For more detailed information about Buffalo Base, please see Buffalo Base.

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